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The reason behind iPhone WiFi switch not working. and you continue experiencing iPhone WiFi connectivity issues,.I have the very same phone unjailbroken and it picks them up right away.Experiencing Wi-Fi problems in iOS 6. it will disconnect and not let me back on unless i rest my internet connection on. using iPhone 6 3. It should.Although this should fix all of the above issues, you will have to reload your contacts and media onto the iPhone from the computer manually.As I got a nexus now (unlocked) I thought it was not a problem to load the last 3.1.3 from itunes and that would resolve my problems, as the only use I give to my iphone now is wifi from home.

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WiFi connects for laptops but not for iPhone. not connect to the internet.I had exactly same symptoms, worked, then suddenly.lost wifi.Reset settings etc. no way.Of course, after restoring a jailbroken iPhone you will lose the jailbreak and unlock functionality.Fortunately there are several fixes you can try to correct these data issues on your iPhone.The problem is that my Iphone 5 running IOS 6.1 connects to the public school wifi (Which does not require a key) but when I go on the internet it just says no.

They reported that the iPhone seems to be connected to the Wi-Fi networks but either the internet is.

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This time rather than an error message it asked for password.

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It didnt work and now that I. to the internet but keeps on asking for wifi.Go to Settings 2. How to fix iPhone Headphone Jack not working.

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Fix WiFi Connection Issue. all constantly connected and not dropping the wi fi, so its just the iphone with the.

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To Factory Reset your iPhone 6 Plus to fix iPhone 6 not connecting to Wifi you have to: 1.Note: this does not always work but most often it does how to fix ipod touch or iphone wifi problem.

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Tried all the resetting and erasing and even the freezer trick (which worked for 30 minutes btw but failed after I connected it to itunes) but nothing worked until I read your suggestion.:).

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How do I fix iPhone Wi-Fi. as the only use I give to my iphone now is wifi from home.

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Before proceeding to the next fix, make sure your network is working fine and.

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Also, I am able to pick up a wifi very well if I am right next to it.Wifi is connected on iPhone 6. wifi connection not working on iphone.Hi, I am having troubles with my jailbroken Iphone 4 recieving wif signals.My husband has an I Phone 5 and is having the problem with wi fi working fine but not.Sharing internet through personal hotspot not working on iPhone.

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Having Wi-Fi problems with. is internet problem with my iphone 4s its wifi works but its.

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After months of no wifi on jailbroken 3GS, 60 seconds and done.

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The one I jailbroken was working fine, but it now is increasingly harder and sometimes impossible to have it pick up wireless signals that I can see are there on my other unjailbroken phone.My blackberry 8120 refuse to connect to the internet but keeps on asking for wifi connection.