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I really want to make the switch since uTorrent has. and my speed with downloads is as fast as when I used utorrent.

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Leaving the number of connections to be active in utorrent as the default may not be the optimum choice as far as speed goes.Speeds while Downloading Some Files then Here is a Simple Solution to Make Your UTorrent Download Files at Faster.Utorrent is a P2P file sharing software that allows users to share files via torrents.

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If you do not have a static IP though you are probably screwed and will have to stick with the crappy download speeds.


how to make my downloads on utorrent faster because mine is really slow. oh and if it helps I have the latest version.Since I am using uTorrent, I will describe this in separate steps for both uTorrent users and other client users.

These ports must be directed to the computer running the BitTorrent client.

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Once that is done, if you connect via a modem that should be about it, if you connect via a router, you will need to check the firewall on the router (some routers have them) and make sure that allows uTorrent connectivity too.

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Find out how you can set up the SOCKS5 proxy on uTorrent to get faster P2P download speeds and better performance.

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Here are a couple of tips to boost your downloads with uTorrent.So if you have a 128kbps upload connection for example, limiting upload to 6KB would make downloads faster.

If you want to only download 1 torrent at a time, set the Maximum number of active downloads to 1.

The question demonstrates a kind of naive magical thinking about software,.This uTorrent tutorial is on Windows so the uTorrent layout is different on Mac, but some of the tips will apply to Mac as well.Read our guide to find out how to increase torrent speed by.HOW TO SPEED UP uTORRENT 3.5.0 From 10 KBPS To 10 MBPS WORKING 100% - PART 1 - (2017).Next tip is with uTorrent, always make sure you have the most updated version.

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The above tips to speed up uTorrent is not a given, but i am confident it should help most users to some extent, as always, anything of note in the comments would be appreciated.

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