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Step 1 Activate your VPN app and connect it to any server in the USA, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong etc.Many Google services have been unavailable in China in recent weeks.

Enter the server address (request provider) in server field and your credentials in account and password field respectively.VPN.AC: Various features for Chinese users, including the ability to make OpenVPN traffic look like regular SSL traffic.Being able to access Gmail in China is more and more these days a privilege than anything else.

If you want to setup VPN then make sure you have selected one of the best Chinese VPN described above.Baidu, for instance, is a search engine that is more popular in China than Google, and it is not blocked by the government.

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Powered by a fairly simply web UI and excellent mobile apps, it is something every Chinese user should consider for important emails.

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You get 500 MB free each month, but you have to pay for more.

With the development of the web, people have the ability to access a whole new world of info.

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VyprVPN also accepts Alipay and has recently reduced their price points.

Great Fire a China based privacy advocacy group blamed the Great Firewall, but it was soon discovered that the case was actually something else.

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Step 2 Open up a new web browser (clean the cache and history just to be cautious).If this question (or a similar one) is answered twice in this section, please click here to let us know.

According to my colleagues in China, Google Docs and Sites are blocked and there are no problems with Gmail, Google Calendar and Outlook access.You will now be able to access your Gmail account and create a new account without having to worry about being blocked out by the Great Firewall.The same goes for videos: when you search Youku instead of Youtube, you will find what Chinese people search and post.

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The Chinese government does not support foreign based tech service providers to operate freely in the country, everything being monitored by the Golden Shield project.

It seems like every day that I try to access Gmail in China.

Although you will be able to access China Gmail without having to worry about the Internet police and Great Firewall, there are certain precautions you must take when you have unblocked Gmail.Test if Google or any other site is blocked in China in real-time.Proton Mail Switzerland based Proton mail has been tagged one of the most favored encrypted email services by most Gmail users.Unblock Google in China and enjoy a host of awesome tools offered by the service.The next-best option is to connect to a server on the west coast of the US (e.g. Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco).

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The Chinese government keeps logs of all VPN services operating in Mainland China.Users in China were able to access online services for Google Inc on Thursday, after more than a month of severe disruption that almost completely blocked.How To Unblock Google in China When in China, it can be difficult to access your favorite Google apps such as Gmail, Google Drive and Google Search.

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Mailfence offers a simple encrypted email solution with apps available for mobile devices.Hope you like our guide to unblock and access Gmail in China.Visit to check whether a given website is blocked or otherwise restricted in China.Ameer takes a keen interest in technology, geo-political affairs and international cyber laws.