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Intruders usually hide these Trojan horses in games and other small programs that unsuspecting users then execute on their PCs.If your computer is indeed open to all those threats, then the first item on your agenda will be to find a secure firewall to protect your beloved computer.The Netstat command and a port enumerator are great ways to check one machine, but how do you check an entire network.The AATools Posrt Scanner is just the testing utility needed to verify the integrity of your security and firewall functions.

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Intruders intentionally keep limited-function Trojans small (10KB to 30KB) so that they can quickly activate the programs without being noticed.This page will attempt to provide you with as much port information as possible on TCP Port 4444.These Trojans are key loggers, remote controllers, FTP servers, HTTP servers, Telnet servers, and password finders.

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RATs are more dangerous than all other types of malicious code.Analyze Hosts, Services and Find Holes Before Intruders Attack Using the AATools Port Scanner The AATools Port Scanner analyzes hosts and all the different.Like their virus and worm cousins, RATs can delete and modify files, format hard disks, upload and download files, harass users, and drop off other malware.Investigate any unexpected ports. (This step assumes you have an understanding of IP ports and which port numbers particular programs use.).If you have a WebCam, many RATs can turn it on and capture video—a privacy violation without par in the malicious-code world.In this case, the malicious intruders were kids who seemed more interested in causing online problems and trading pornography than in doing real damage.In some cases these services may contain known or unknown security problems.

This helps if you keep getting hit (scanned) On a particular port, Now you will know wat they are looking.

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Hostile Code, not the Windows XP Socket Implementation, is the Real Security Threat.

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After you detect and eradicate RATs, a larger question looms: Did the remote intruder collect information that could harm you in the future.TCP and UDP use port numbers to identify higher-layer services.

Whether you can ever trace these problems back to the RAT is debatable.You should check these ports to see if they are running services that you have approved.

This article is from the September 2002 issue of Security Administrator.Analysis of Reported Vulnerability in the Windows 2000 Encrypting File System (EFS).

Tauscan can tie a program to a port connection as well as identify the Trojan.Microsoft Corporation shall not be liable for any damages you may sustain by using this information, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential, even if it has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

The following is a list of Trojans and the port numbers which they use, if you Netstat yourself and find any of the following open, then you can be pretty sure, that.Sitemap All product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.