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Yet, I do have a gallery app on the phone and use it to access my photos and albums.Thank you sooo much. my picture gallery was a mess. its really helpfil.

Go to seettings in your gallery, there should be a switch next to something that says, Sync with WiFI only or something like that, turn the switch off.

How to delete photos from your Android device and retain

Registering your application with Android Backup Service does not guarantee that it will always back up data using this service from Google.How do i remove alot of photos from gallery without doing it one at a time.Good Photos appears as a separate Google app and is nowhere listed in settings.It just makes the Gallery to forget where they are until it checks again.Hoping for guidance for later models of phones and Android OS.

How to permanently delete pictures and videos from Google Photos.They were clueless even the Manager could not help me, she told me you just have to live with them in your gallery.How to get the LGBTQ Pride reaction on Facebook How to change your Google app Home or Work locations How to permanently delete pictures and videos from Google Photos What is a System on a Chip (SoC).How can i delete photos from google photos backup without them. (when google asks if I want to back up this.I have been trying to remove these pictures and have had no luck.Google Photos enables you to back up and manages. you can turn to the editing tools provided on Google Photo.

You can delete them off of your phone any time, the steps above are for removing Picasa Album features from your phone.

How to disable Google Photos backup on your Android phone

I have deleted some of my photos from my gallery but the

How to install APK files on your Android device How fingerprint scanners work.I have around 10 picasa albums in my gallery and i turned off EVERYTHING under the google account.Before you delete photos. photos and videos, turn on back up.How to Remove Picasa Albums From Your Gallery. the photo, delete it,. pics are still on my phone and the auto back up album is still in.

This includes photos taken with your device or. select Delete your.Instead of looking for gallery under the Downloaded sub category, slide over to the right to the All sub category.Forget when someone talks to me on speaker phone I have to turn phone around so the speaker is by my ear.I finally got rid of pictures in my gallery that had the Picasa logo onthem.Yep, mine are backed up to onedrive anyway so I was happy enough to risk it, but it never hurts to make a backup.

You have been the only clear and complete step by step instructor.I was locked out of my phone and had to have techs to a hard reset, apparently he could not retrieve contacts from folder.I have the same problem, however I have a Samsung Note 3 and I need to get 2 years of photos back.

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I bet a lot of people are not aware it is happening to them as the app bullies people into using it.How do i delete their email address from my phone.otherwise, all videos and pics are continuously being saved in their account.privacy is all gone.All I want to do is delete the Picasa album from my phone because it is nothing but duplicate pics.

I have went back to the store and called several times to try to find out how to remove pictures from my Gallery on my phone, guess what no one could help me with this.

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