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When the hero (or in some cases the Villain) has just killed someone, often in a gruesome manner, they do a Bond One-Liner.Posted in Law, Legal Terminology, One-Liners and tagged Latin, terminology on June 7, 2014 by Juliet.

Greatest Movie Quotes of All-Time:. one-liners, quips, punchlines, statements, insults, and even mis-quotes.When they got up to leave, Ryan watched them particularly closely.

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My father, wearing his favorite golf shirt, was holding me at the tender age of three weeks.See the wealth of father of the bride speech jokes and rib-ticklers that are available on this site, all guaranteed to raise a chuckle.Quotations by Henny Youngman, American Comedian, Born March 16, 1906.

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I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.When Mother was ill, however, he volunteered to go to the supermarket for her.

He had one bag of sugar, two dozen eggs, three hams, four boxes of detergent, five boxes of crackers, six eggplants, and seven green peppers.Lorenzo Dow, a 19th century evangelist, was on a preaching tour when he came to a small town one cold winter night.More: Dad Jokes, Daily Life Jokes, Family Jokes, Funny Stories, Office Jokes.

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I decided to make myself useful and do a load of the family laundry.

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As we were driving past Walmart one day, my son spotted a Now Hiring sign and suggested that I could get.I never thought about the consequences of this little exercise until my wife took our son to a birthday party.Florida Hurricanes New England Pacific Northwest Miscellaneous Jokes One Liners Pet Animal Jokes Police.

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Below you can find a selection of several of one of the most relevant website page about this subject matter.

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The beginning of the holiday shopping season for men is Christmas Eve.More: Dad Jokes, Daily Life Jokes, Family Jokes, Office Jokes.

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Father In Law Joke, 3.9 out of 5 based on 84 ratings share me.It took my wife a while to explain her way out of what happened next.

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A friend of mine has an adopted son who, at six-foot-one, loves to play basketball.

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A salesman talked my uncle into buying 10,000 personalized pens for his business with the promise that.More: Corny Jokes, Dad Jokes, Daily Life Jokes, Marriage Jokes.Animated Gifs: Cartoons: One-Liners: Optical Illusions: Always laugh when you can.

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Bijness One day in a. accountant jokes chuck norris jokes law jokes honey bunny joke chartered accountant jokes.In light of Canada Day - the celebration of all things Canadian - we thought we would take a gander through the interwebs to find some classic one-liners that will.

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The oil cap was labeled Dr Pepper, the transmission stick, Coke, and the empty coolant container, Diet Pepsi.What is the best one liner on life or philosophy that you have ever heard.Quotations by Les Dawson, English Comedian, Born February 2, 1933.

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On vacation my nine-year-old son, Ryan, and I were at the pool, where two attractive young women wearing thong bikinis were sunning themselves.This is the complete listing of all the one-liners you see on the top bottom of the page.Feel free to share these redneck jokes one liner with your friends and family.