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EENY 451 Common name: mourning cloak (known in the United Kingdom as the Camberwell beauty) Nymphalis antiopa (Linnaeus) (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae.Upperside is purple-black with a wide, bright yellow border on outer margins, and a row of.It hibernates in the winter, during which time it may emerge ocassionally.

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The Mourning Cloak has a wing span of 2.875 to 3.375 in. Its dark maroon wings are characterized by a ragged creamy yellow margin that is lined on the interior by bright blue iridescent spots.How They Help Mourning cloak butterflies are not frequent flower visitors.

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Antiope was the leader of the Amazons (Tveten and Tveten, 1996).Me neither, but now you can with this butterfly cape that gives you a beautiful set of wings.Vanessa Fonseca (author), Southwestern University, Stephanie Fabritius (editor), Southwestern University.Eaten leaves: Larvae can defoliate tree branches if they are present in large enough numbers.

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Have you ever walked along a sun-dappled woodland trail and had a mourning cloak butterfly (Nymphalis antiopa) flit about your face.

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The Mourning Cloak occupies an area in North America defined by.The spiny elm caterpillar is the larval stage of the mourning cloak butterfly, a desirable species for the butterfly garden.

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The adult butterfly feeds on tree sap by landing above the flow of sap on a tree and bending its head downward to siphon it.

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It is a non-migratory species, but wandering individuals do exist.The Mourning Cloak butterfly, a member of the Nymphalidae Family, is common throughout North America, northern South America, Europe, and Asia.They ward off other butterflies and birds by flying towards them in a menacing manner.

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It is evidently more active in the summer as it frequents slightly higher altitudes, such as the top branches of trees.

When viewed closely, the wings appear to be iridescent as they reflect purple highlights.

This morning I saw my first butterfly of the season floating above my garden.Posts about mourning cloak butterfly written by Edmonton Master Naturalists.

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Thus, it is usually not found in the southern regions of the states of Texas, Florida, and Louisiana.

Interesting Butterfly Facts: Butterflys live from 2 days to 10 - 11 months for the Mourning Cloak butterfly.

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It may grow up to 28 mm long and its color ranges from tan to gray.

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Mourning cloak butterflies are usually the first butterflies to appear each spring as they overwinter in sheltered areas.

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