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Head over to their website and the list is confusing in many ways.And we were just talking while we were waiting for the bus to come and behind me a add came on for cheese in which they show naked bodies and cheese and they are pretty popular for doing this.As one of the most repressive regimes in the world, North Korea severely restricts internet access for both citizens and visitors.Was a little awkward in the cinema.) and there are a lot of breasts shown aswell.The federal government tried to ban the song Copper Killer by Body Count, the result of the controversy, Ice T pulled the album off the shelf and released it without the song.I laughed that most of your examples were from running man, It reminded me of the episode with jay park and dying laughing at how you could Tell the editors were having a very hard time keepin the star tattoos on his neck covered.Of course nothing gets outright banned, I was just saying I hear more about books than I do movies in those circumstances.

I heard the director had filmed the naked butt of a dead body and the FCC opposed it because it was naked.Broadcast channels (ABC, NBC, etc) have the most restrictions.Speaking about censorship, anything about communist propaganda from North Korea are banned in South Korea and these including North Korean-published Books and the websites which are considered sympathetic to Northern Commies Nation.A South Korean court has ruled in favor of North Korea Tech and against the Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) over the decision to block the website in.

The Northerners who watched SK TV Shows and smuggled K-Drama and K-Movie DVDs and also hearing SK Radio (e.g: Voice of America or major radio stations in SK) will be prosecuted harshly by the Northern Commie Government.

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Plus there is the idea that you can annoy your audience is another driving factor.

They play a rap song on the radio, and they silence the words out, so it just sounds like the song is skipping.The Cons of Internet Censorship. 1. Limits the freedom of speech and the press.The head of the cinema wanted to up the rating, but fans thought this was totally unfair.

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Browse Internet Censorship In South Korea pictures, photos, images, GIFs, and videos on Photobucket.South Korea. Sudan. Syria. Tajikistan. Thailand. Tunisia. Turkey.On commercial TV content deemed inappropriate for children must be shown in a later time-slot.

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In general I think the main censorship in Sweden today seems to be child pornography, as this has been brought up a few times in court, mostly from people whose computers were found to contain child pornographic pictures.

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Most NC-17 films will re-edit, surrender their rating and have none (which makes no sense to me), or are foreign films.On the other hand, ET accordingly was in the talk of being banned because according to the Swedish Film Industry, it portrayed parents badly.The censorship in Australia that you mentioned was actually an episode of Peppa Pig where she befriended a spider.Otherwise there would be no FCC for Eminem to rape about in his song Without Me.I remember reading a very mean review some dude did on the net about Be Ambitious.

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I thought censoring brands on TV was to prevent either free advertising or possible misunderstanding that the show was endorsing a certain brand or product.

Best VPN for South Korea. In general, Internet censorship in South Korea is considered pervasive.Anyway, I have an interesting one for you from Sweden, though it relates to film.Before, when I was child I remember Tv was less censored too.The book To Kill A Mockingbird is still banned in schools (which I find ridiculous).

There are (I think) different standards and rules for commercial TV, State funded TV, and Pay TV (cable).Sweden do have interesting laws concerning commercial with alcohol or tobacco.Pg13 allows for nonsexual nudity (which is how Titanic managed its nude scene).

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I get that Joker had to be re-edited, because it sounded in Korean like they were singing words that resemble certain anatomy-related expletives.It seems like rape especially would be bad because then you have to explain sex.Technically you can show whatever the heck you want, but the reason why networks choose the censor things is because of commercials.

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Censorship in South Korea is limited by laws that provide for freedom of speech and the press which the government generally respects in practice.

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