FEATURE: Setting to ignore RSS rule matches for X days (Gelmir).BUGFIX: Properly rename torrent which changes position in filter model (Gelmir).WEBUI: Bugfix: RequestParser::splitMultipartData drop extra trailing newline. (OpenGG).

It still is on the PC but damn, this Android version is very poor.FEATURE: Add hotkey for execution log tab, Trackerlist, Peerlist etc (thalieht).OTHER: Use new alert dispathing API for libtorrent 1.1.x (glassez).

COSMETIC: Fix naming of actions opening new dialogs (use Name.).First of all, we would like to wish you all a happy new year.You already should have received an email about your new password.

BUGFIX: Try to download favicon.png when the download of favicon.ico fails (pmzqla).Climb into the cab and start your European trucking business in Euro Truck Simulator 2 for PC download.FEATURE: Start using new libtorrent 1.1.x APIs (needs at least 1.1.2). Still unofficial support. (glassez, sledgehammer999).We also recently moved our wiki to Sourceforge and we wrote a new documentation for qBittorrent v2.0. The documentation is complete already.


KickassTorrents Homepage – latest updates and reviews

Indicate from the installer that the old version was detected and no settings will be deleted.WEBUI: Add X-XSS-Protection, X-Content-Type-Options, CSP header.WEBUI: Fixed bug when uploading several files and only the last one was considered. (naikel).FEATURE: Allow to change priority for unselected files through the combobox like it is done via the context menu. (sledgehammer999).We decided it would be useful to support these 10 search engines in qBittorrent.

I am also working really hard to get v2.5.0 ready but I very little free time unfortunately.MACOS: Fix UI responsiveness after AddNewTorrentDialog received metadata. (Brian Kendall).WINDOWS: Can now correctly detect 64bit and 32bit python installations on 64bit Windows.BUGFIX: Use right path separator in torrent addition dialog on Windows.Sims 4 Torrent here available to download at my web freely sims here.

Please fix this Full Review ARISLAN T A June 28, 2017 Need to show downloading speed and progress by percentage in notification bar.Startup has become heavy slow.BUGFIX: Fix initialization problem with some private trackers.FEATURE: Add setting to copy.torrent files for finished downloads (Driim).Also on clicking magnet link, just only app gets open but nothing happens.Special thanks to Vladimir Golovnev who helped again to improve system integration and bug fixing.BUGFIX: Use ConsoleKit to shutdown the system instead of HAL (deprecated).

Worst Full Review Jake Gomes July 5, 2017 Guys this is a really good app.Full Review Rishav Raj July 5, 2017 The application crashes sometimes.The torrents disappear when I open it from notification tray or even when I directly open it from App Icon.SEARCH: Small fix of import in legittorrents engine (DoumanAsh).The bug tracker is still on Launchpad, and the file releases will stay on Sourceforge for now.WINDOWS: Fix crash when searching the registry for installed python (glassez).RSS: Allow episode zero (special) and leading zeroes in RSS episode filter. (Tim Delaney).RSS: RSS allow infinite range to extend beyond current season.

The Android version is simple, fast, and has a clean UI, just like the PC version of old.COSMETIC: Increased number of digits after the decimal point for Gibibytes and above (thalieht).WEBUI: Fire up the timer to clean inactive sessions (Chocobo1).BUGFIX: Fix issue when altering files priorities of a seeding torrent.BUGFIX: Fix mistake in getting values for sorting in TransferList widget. (Anton Lashkov).SEARCH: Fix PirateBay plugin implementation for Python 3 (ngosang).BUGFIX: Workaround space issues in file path for running external program on Windows. (Chocobo1).In any case, we reset all the passwords and switched on the forum.

BUGFIX: Fix localhost address (::ffff: is not recognized when connecting to WebUI (Chocobo1).FEATURE: Add command line option to daemonize qbittorrent-nox (ngaro).BUGFIX: Use shorter names for amount columns in main UI (Gelmir).We need more people contributing code, the development team is way too small at the moment.FEATURE: Peer Exchange (PeX) can be disabled from preferences.