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This was a link that one of the second level CS Agents sent me.Video ads are back with. you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google.Consumer Reports shows you how to get your money back if your kid went on a Google Play Store shopping spree.I know some of you have had a month or two long battle to get your money back.

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I tried making a purchase on a game I play, and i get the high risk please wait 30 mins error.What I was doing was requesting refunds through Google for in app purchases.

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The user enters the promo code in your app or in the Google Play Store app and. a promo code instead of with money. supports in-app promotions,.


Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.No one at google could see it, no one could refund it, and so I was stuck in a loop.Get the Wallet app on Google Play or. through Google Wallet.

But when you are buying on internet you may be buying it from a person from different country.

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Google Responds To Cash Back. actually gives users money when they use the.I fought with them for two days and finally threatened to report them to the CFPB.

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Eventually when I started replying to the emails instead of opening a new chat session I started getting somewhere.Authorization confirmations for these transactions may still appear on the transaction summary for the payment method you used, but your account has not been charged.How to Get Your Money Back from Google Play. How to get infinite money on Google Play.

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However the credit card details such as address and mobile number is the same like the last card which was linked to the email they banned.

FYI incase anyone does not understand Google Wallet terminology.Unfortunately, in an effort to protect our users, your account will remain closed due to violations of the Google Wallet Terms of Service.Just mentioning the AG in the state where a company is HQed will often get you bumped to a supervisor who can do something.You gave me hope and I will be sharing that with others I know who have been having the same issue.One of these jokers did tell me it could take up to 30 days for my money but then again I have been told so much conflicting bullshit from Google that I have a very hard time depending on the validity of that statement.

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I have yet to find anything in writing that gives any information on a positive account balance refund policy or time frame.Complaints to the appropriate state agency where you live would be better than an FDIC complaint.I gave google a call 11 days ago to see if I could still have a chance to get my funds.I filed a complaint with the BBB last week and will be filing one with the Commissioner of Financial Regulation in Baltimore MD later this week.

This is a new credit card, my name, never linked to Google wallet.Understanding I had already been told the money would be returned with 14 business days and it never happened then was told the refund was initiated but that was a lie.I tried to send money to my sister, around 250 dollars, this was the only time I had tried to send this much and the most I had on the account.Everything submitted 3 times and many many emails, chats and phone calls just to be told nothing useful.File a complaint with them, and let them handle the messy business of getting in touch with someone at Google who has a brain.

After submitting my passport copy and bank statement, they immediately rejected it.Home How To How to take your money back on Google Play Store Applications.Read here: Get Your Money Back From Google Play Store With These Tips.POPULAR CATEGORY Tech News 75 Android 68 How To 60 iOS 22 iPhone 7 Google 7 Other 4.

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Remember to obey the float rule, and assume that your cash will be locked up by Google for 2-4 months.In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.I just had my account suspended for the second time but they seem to reopen it.To get full refund of apps and games on Google you have to return those apps and games in two hours which you think are not satisfactory or not up to the mark.

I have been going through this since Sept. 22, 2014 and after it is escalated to a department they will say due to violations of terms of use we will not issue you any funds that is in your account.There bound to be a law to sue GW for your money when they one day shut down our account.How to Get Your Money Back When Google Wallet Shuts You Down.

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I also think that I did not go above the float rule but instead was shut down because some idiot who sent me money included a message that sounded like I was using p to p transactions to sell items.

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If I provide the details to them there is a high chance they block the new account too.

I will NOT advise anyone to use google wallet or any google service for that matter.Enter your email address to subscribe to Milenomics and receive notifications of new posts by email.In the above mentioned situation you should be given a repair or replacement or a refund.