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I have loaded Ubuntu 10.04 successfully using a USB install of ubuntu-10.04-desktop-i386.

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I typed in sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop. and then back to the command line.As you may or may not know, Ubuntu Server edition by default does not come with a GUI.

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To look for other types, just change the word compiz to another like mutter, kwin, etc.Sorry for confuse.My based OS is ubuntu. you start from vmrun command line, image will start in GUI.

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This question has been asked before and already has an answer.I will explain how to launch a GUI program from the command line. Subscribe to Xmodulo.

You should check the last 20 or so lines of your X server log file.

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How to Install and Configure VNC on Ubuntu. and settings on a remote server easier for users who are not yet comfortable with the command line. tells VNC's GUI...Clonezilla start gui from command line. Loading. Trend. Video. 0. how to install a gui ubuntu.

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Forget the GUI: The return of the command line. to start using Polymer. added support for Linux command-line tools, initially using Ubuntu in the Window.

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Myself, I will only run Windows under Linux in a virtual machine, or on my laptop where I have separate system discs for Windows and Linux.

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Ubuntu Command Line Quickstart. Using the Text Editors. mode, and a viewing (or command) mode.

GDMSESSION - Tells you what option you selected from the lightdm greeter to login.Since what you are looking for is the name of what Window Manager is in usem the only way I see how to get this is by looking in the process list.I dual boot Ubuntu with Windows 8, and the start up is not showing an.

I just pop out one, and pop in the other to switch operating systems.You can switch to command line or use the debug serial cable to stop or start GUI.After it loads, I am not seeing a GUI interface, and am presented with the.

If you want more help, paste the output of that command here.

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