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This procedures guidelines will tell you what to look for and how to complete a VPN connection.Your VPN connection should authenticate, and your company resources should be available.If your default search engine or homepage has been changed, you are having adware or pop-up ads problems with Google Chrome, resetting it can help.

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This account will be set as the owner, so make sure your primary account is the one you use to log in.

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Do this by sliding the battery, with its pins facing toward the laptop, into the battery compartment in the rear of the computer.Simply take the battery out of the box and remove the plastic bag.Chromebook devices lack a port that allows you to plug a printer directly into the computer.With up to 10 hours battery life enjoy Chromebook all day while out and about.Write an Article Request a New Article Answer a Request More Ideas.

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If there comes a time when you need to use the recovery drive to get your Chromebook.

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At this time Covenant Eyes does not have the ability to properly monitor on a Chromebook.

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You can print from your Chromebook using most Wi-Fi printers.Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world, second only to Internet Explorer by most measures.

Here is how to set up PandaPow VPN on a Chromebook, using L2TP.

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The network password (usually a bunch of random letters and numbers).

Google Drive is built in and integrated with the Files App on your Chromebook.

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Out of the box, some Chromebooks have their battery detached from their body and in a separate plastic bag.

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Selecting a Cloud Print-Ready Printer. In the meantime, here are two of our current favorite printers that is especially easy to set up with your Chromebook.Learn How to Change Default Browser or Make Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer as your Default Browser.

Once you select the network and enter a password, if applicable, the Wi-Fi bars onscreen fluctuate as your computer tries to connect.From the recent list of such additions, my favorite is the pin based unlock.Setting Up Your HP Chromebook - Learn how to set up a new HP Chromebook.Setting up Smart Lock on your Chromebook allows you to sign in or unlock your device with one click.Click the Open the Network drop-down list and select your network name.This document provides information about setting up your HP Chromebook and configuring Chrome OS for the first time.

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If no network is available, try holding off on attempting to set up your Chromebook until you can connect to an Internet source.This picture will represent the account on the main Sign In screen.

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If you have installed Chrome OS on your laptop for home use, and have connected the Chromebook to the wireless router, it is likely that all the IP address sett.This will be the first user account you logged in with while setting up your.You can change your homepage on Google Chrome by accessing your Chrome settings.The first time a Chromebook is turned on, you will be directed to its Connect screen to begin setup.By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.Cloud printing setup for cloud-ready printers. Setting up cloud printing using a Chromebook.

All of your media that you set up in the previous steps should show up and stream like a champ.Setting the device up is easy and requires only a few minutes.This is a follow up to my previous post about using a ChromeOS device as your development machine.Setting up Chromecast is fantastically simple, but if you hit a snag during the process, check our guide to get back on track.It has built-in virus protection, and backs up your stuff in the cloud.

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Learn how to set up an Internet connection on your HP Chromebook.When the Welcome window appears, start by selecting your language.If you need to identify the Chromebook in a network, you can use the MAC address.