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In this case it appears that someone found that port 443 was open to indexing and fed the search engines some links.


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Here are some Google proxies that are just checked and added into our proxy list.Luckily enough Google actually crawled them and us within a few days of this and all our rankings came back.

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First thing I want to clarify -- as I understand your post, you are talking not about someone directly hijacking your traffic through some kind of DNS exploit.Lets see Google asks of bad site give me x, bad site does a connect get disconnect followed by an echo tell me again how you are going to detect this at good site.

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The number of sites affected are increasing exponentially and your site could be next.

It seems a bit difficult for people to wrap their heads around. hijacked within Google.For reference, here are the two recent threads about proxy hijacks.In order to tell Google that the scraped page is not the original, you have to ban the 302 connection via htaccess by URL and IP address.These little critters are all over the place the one that started this post is on a net block assigned to Cox Communications.I think I have this figured out, as to how and why this happened.In order to prevent the appearance of legitimacy of that link, you can detect and redirect to remove such bogus query strings.Living Vicariously: Using Proxy Servers with the Google Data API Client Libraries Jeff Fisher,.

They provide an option for getting around blocked websites for those unable to connect to.Free Proxy Search Engine VPN Proxy Service. is an anonymous free proxy site that hides your online identity.When you use our AnonymoX Firefox plugin which can be downloaded in the PROXY page of Gibiru, we send the search.With Proxy-Center anyone can connect to any website from anywhere.In other words, would a blog site hosted on a google server be less likely to get jacked.

Google has a set of servers that you can trick to let you use them to get around web site blocks.

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Not only can you stop a page hijacking, but when you detect this condition you can feed the search engine special pages via the proxy server and turn a thwarted hijacking to your advantage.When you configure the Google Search Appliance (GSA), you have limited control over how content is crawled or how that content is presented to the GSA for further.

For the purposes of full disclosure, Synergy and I have exchanged stickymails on this issue.

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Your server sees the proxy as the client, and Googlebot sees the proxy as your server.

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I posted about this in the back room but I think this need to be brought into public view.I asked someone well versed in such matters earlier in the day, and according to them dealing with IP numbers is futile, since IP numbers can easily be swapped around, and cloaked info served to Google.When you contact the ISP it is also time to file a DMCA request with Google.However you will never see Googlebot doing its thing through those scripts unless the user of said thingies is totally out of it.

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The hijacking site hosts an online proxy web browser through which you can anonymously browse the web, and I think that someone used it to browse my website recently.Good news, either Google has taken action via my spam request or the coding mentioned in the first post has reversed the action of the hijacker but my index page is no longer hijacked and I am back in the rankings (although slightly lower ranked) for my big money keyword.Search Terms. Submit. Proxy setup - Google Chrome in Windows.

I mean, the issue of where the content sits, where it should be indexed from, and the domain it should be attributed to should be fairly clear if the content sits on a server operated by google itself.

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What we did was track the site owners down and by chance they lived locally (same city).The Google Desktop allows you to search the contents of your hard drive, email and browser history contents.New app lets you search through Google without being. through their search engines.Google never once visits your site to do it, Google never once sees a 302.All Service Companies Internet Marketing Consulting SEO Services Social Media Services Content Creation Link Building Link Cleanup Viral Content Internet Marketing Training Reputation Management Pay Per Click Management Analytics Analysis Local Marketing Web Development Email Marketing Programming Other.

Happened to one of my authority sites - lost pretty much all rankings.