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I was surprised how quickly I was up-and-running following the installation instructions.

With the release of the PowerShell v1.x extension for Visual Studio Code it is now possible to have a cross-platform PowerShell editing experience very similar to the ISE on Windows boxes.You can read this book with iBooks on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.Getting Started with ARC. The App Runtime for Chrome (Beta), or ARC,.

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Learn how administrators can deploy the OneDrive sync client on OS X to users in their enterprise environment.PowerShell on Windows has always had Linux aliases like ls, cat, man, etc.Getting Started with MonoGame on MacOS. 9. so select MonoGame Mac.If you have not already configured your Lync 2011 for Mac client, click here for Lync.These command all have a wide assortment of parameters viewable with Get-Help.Open Code, click the square on the left bar, type powershell, and install the extension.

I have the coolest job, and I love my Microsoft Surface Pro 4.AppleTalk, FireWire, Mac, Macintosh, the Mac OS logo, PowerBook, QuickTime,.This guide walks through creating a simple, first Xamarin.Mac app, and in the process introduces the development toolchain, including Xamarin Studio, Xcode and.

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Until now, the way to wirelessly send audio, video, photos and webpages to your television has been through the use of an Apple TV and an iOS device or a Mac with.

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Docker is a full development platform for creating containerized apps, and Docker for Mac is the best way to get started with Docker on a.

Click the Account tab and in the new Add Account group, select Add a Business Account to start OneDrive Setup.Mac and Linux developers can now create applications with.NET Core. But is it a compelling option.Enter your work or school account and then select Sign in to set up your account.Macintosh (Mac) is a line of personal computers designed and developed by Apple.

Here is what it looks like to browse a Windows machine from a Linux SSH remoting session.This will ensure that OneDrive runs at login and you always have the most up to date version of all your files.If you find things that do not work as you expected, then please submit an issue on GitHub.

SharePoint team sites sync under a folder with your tenant name.Linux will never be as popular a desktop operating system as Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X,.Notice that you now have built-in variables indicating the operating system version.Now I can demo PowerShell Core 6 and Visual Studio Code side-by-side on three different operating systems.

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This topic walks you through building a simple console application using Visual Studio for Mac and.NET. see the Prerequisites for.NET Core on Mac.Choose the folders that you want to sync, and then click Start sync.You can manage your syncing sites in the sync client settings.To use the OneDrive sync client to sync your work files, you need an Office 365.

Open up your OneDrive folder in Finder to see overlays on your files and folders.

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Click the OneDrive cloud icon up in your Menu bar and select Preferences.

Type Get-Command to see what cmdlets are available in your session.Toggle on the OneDrive Finder Integration to enable Finder overlays.

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Getting Started with LinuxKit on Mac OS X with xhyve One of the major announcements last week at DockerCon 2017.Every customer who has seen this Microsoft guy demo PowerShell on three operating systems from a MacBook Pro has been impressed with the direction Microsoft is taking.

You should see the copyright banner (no year for beta) and get the PS prompt.However, these PowerShell aliases do not exist on Mac and Linux to avoid conflict with the native binary equivalents.

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After installing Visual Studio Code, you want to add the PowerShell extension.

Only the host can end a meeting, while attendees can leave a meeting at any time.The next release of PowerShell (6.0) was open-sourced last year and is currently in beta.Note the trick here is the.\ in front of the EXE, otherwise it will find the native EXE for Windows PowerShell.This tutorial provides instructions for getting started with BusyCal and an overview of its features.