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Bug fixing: No tunnel when using SHA2 algorithm and Windows Certificate Store.Bug fixing: Entering a 20 digits license number in Windows XP is not working anymore.

Whatever is your Information System size: TheGreenBow VPN Client can be deployed as easily on large or small infrastructures.Bug fixing: Tunnel opening on traffic detection might not work after a restart of the VPN Client software.

Linoma Software GoAnywhere MFT Standard lets you add on modules as your secure managed file transfer.Bug fixing: Conflict with some other vendor Credential Providers (aka GINA) if already installed.Improvement: Enhancement of the management of IKEv2 gateway renegotiations.Feature: Possibility of certificate injection via a command line option (online certificate injection).Not only is your connection encrypted, you are also hiding your geographic location from the Website owners.Bug fixing: Phase2 Authentication SHA-2 algorithm not working properly in Peer2Peer mode.

Bug fixing: Compatibility with ePass 2000 reading certificates.Feature: Support 2 new languages Czech and Danish for a total of 21 languages.Bug fixing: FTP transfert in ESP tunnel creates a BSOD when active mode is set.Virtual interface errors are not detected for IkeV2 and SSL tunnels.Gina Connection Panel displays only 1 tunnel (if multiple configured in Configuration Panel).

Bug fixing: X509 Certificate parser assumes that serial number in Certificate is mandatory and rejects certificates without serial number (e.g. coming from USB Tokens).Feature: After a 1st installation, a tip is displayed over the taskbar icon in order to show the user how to use the VPN Client.The Software release 6.4 also brings a great extension to the set of the software.Improvement: Connexion Panel slightly redesigned to better display multiple tunnels.Bug fixing: Packet fragmentation not properly performed when modifying MTU size (some values) on Windows XP.

Improvement: Improvement of the smartcard management (VPN Premium only).If multiple Certificates, the VPN Client only uses the Certificate with a valid date.

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Feature: New Ercom CryptoSmart Micro SD support for IKEv1, IKEv2 and SSL.

Bug fixing: IKE service crash when coming back from Windows Hibernate or Sleep mode.PC, PC Magazine and PC PCMag.com are among the federally registered trademarks of Ziff Davis, LLC and may not be used by third parties without explicit permission.Improvement: TLS tunnel: TlsAuth option worked only with SHA1 Authentication algorithm.Finally, TheGreenBow VPN Client remains the most reliable VPN Client for every environment.Improvement: Mode-Config in IKE Engine has been adapted for compatibility with NetGear gateways.Bug fixing: Special characters in Phase1 or Phase2 names could crash when software starts.Improvement: All opened tunnels are properly closed when Windows shutdowns quickly.

Bug fixing: VPN Configuration file might not be restored properly after software upgrade on some Windows configuration.

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Improvement: IKEv2 CP Mode: ability to specify a smaller remote network on client side.Bug fixing: VPN tunnel might not open properly when importing a VPN Configuration containing a smart card.Bug fixing: Too many errors shown in systray popup window when opening VPN tunnel in some network circumstances.

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