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In the boxplot below, the thick black line represents the median download time, while the red diamond represents the mean.Norton Safe Web has analyzed for safety and security problems.Verdict Despite its humble looks, PIA stands tall among VPN providers for its low price, rich security features, and great customer service.

Price-wise, that makes PIA a top contender among the many VPN providers on the market.As for speed, 1080p HD video on Youtube and Netflix played without ever having to stop to buffer.

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The level of customization offered by Private Internet Access allows for users to pick between fastest possible connections with low security or highest security connections sacrificing some speed.Our comprehensive review will show you if Privateinternetaccess is legit and whether.

They call Private Internet Access a light VPN, and based on the customer service and buggy software I can see why this is not getting a top rating.

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Despite the lack of a flashy GUI, PIA is a powerful and feature-rich VPN under the hood.Private Internet Access offers a reliable security level for a low price.

All while removing any ISP imposed restrictions including but not limited to P2P and VOIP services.The VPN kill switch, DNS leak protection, and IPV6 leak protection can weed out most remaining vulnerabilities.

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Being that the service is actually pretty good, this deal is hard to pass by for budget conscious users, as well as a notable secondary VPN account for dedicated purposes.Sometimes it is best to have a second network router behind a switch, this way you can have both open and secure networks running simultaneously.The inherent volatility of the internet adds a significant factor of randomness, so VPN speed tests should always be taken with a big grain of salt.

If you are less than 100% satisfied with the VPN service, we will gladly refund your payment if the refund is requested within seven (7).Stable service - Excellent customer support online: Only join recently, so getting used to the service but solid connection so far.

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A novice user can set it up in seconds, but more advanced VPN veterans will find a thorough selection of settings to tweak as well.Used them for a couple of years now, never had a problem, never felt unsecure.

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We were unable to connect to US Netflix with Private Internet Access which appears to have succumbed to the VPN ban.

The latter disables IPV6 traffic while on the VPN, opting for IPV4 when possible.That stipulation is device-agnostic, and PIA has apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

However, it is not required to have a working account to contact them.

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Initial release: August 2010: Development status: Active: Operating system: Microsoft Windows.And with this setup, all VPN providers will provide support for router configuration.High-speed anonymous VPN Service from Private Internet Access.Internet providers in Toronto beyond. offering set-top video boxes that mix TV channels with access to extra Internet.They are clear and illustrated, enabling you to quickly connect on any platform.

To make the speed tests as empirical as possible, we downloaded the same 82.7MB file (compressed from 103MB) three times from three different servers at three different times per day for a total of nine tests.If access to US Netflix is an important consideration in your choice of VPN, check out our article on this.Dynamic IP Cloaking available across many countries, encrypted using a highly secure Blowfish CBC algorithm, safe in even in the most dangerous areas of the web.Internet access in Morocco is, for the most part, open and unrestricted. telephone calls, e-mail, Internet chat rooms, other private communications,.My internet connection runs around 170mbps and using there service I was getting 12mbpsm so I contacted customer service and after a number of tweaks we still only realized 16mbps.If there is an app for Linux, is it actually an app or just command-line driven.