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This XKCD comic takes a playful swipe and almost everything, including the Arduino.

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Rehosted and hotlinked webcomics will be removed, unless you are the creator.The Urban Dictionary Mug. Andy: Hey Chris, you check xkcd lately.Update Cancel. is the current quality of XKCD comics higher or lower than that.Clear-cut spam: sending the same line, meaningless lines, advertising lines, et cetera over and over to channel.

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The webcomic, written by Randall Munroe, has even tackled privacy: None of these privacy personality.

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This is a page dedicated to the xkcd Hat Guy, documenting his every appearance.If you wish to trigger even more, do it in private message to Bucket.

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Sometimes these discussions will form channels, but usually not.XKCD Explains the Black and Blue Dress the Best Color is a funny thing.The ops will always try to make reasonable decisions with the goal of preventing channel from sucking.

A commentor challenged me to post a picture of myself with verification, holding a picture of OP, while holding the box of games.It was not created or maintained by any channel ops and should be considered, at best, advice from fellow denizens.

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