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I agree that some things are more difficult at the beginning compared to Ubuntu.In Debian I could easily download the original sources for a package with apt-get source.

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For Ubuntu 10.04 or later, ensure that the Hardware Abstraction Layer module is first installed using apt-get. openSuse and other Linux versions.It had my head spinning out of control during my much less than pleasurable experience with it when trying to find and select the kerner modules necessary to install the VBox Guest additions I really hate this aspect of openSUSE.

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Follow the instructions on the download page for the latest stable release.

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Yes, that was also one problem that took some time to be solved.

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Linux apt-get command help and information with apt-get examples, syntax, and related commands.

If you feel like configuring apt, then sure, by all means, do it.

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Ask Question. apt-get is only for Debian, Ubuntu and some other related linux.

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Only after installing it and after a reboot you can select Zypp in the Updater Applet settings - and success, success: From now on the Applet reports updates from your additional repos and is thus consistent with zypper up.The reason: The Updater Applet uses the PackageKit backend by default.To install VirtualBox, do sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install virtualbox-5.1. (not available on openSUSE) to ensure that the VirtualBox host kernel modules.I have no idea why this default configuration, which leads to this inconsistent behavior, was chosen in openSUSE.

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Odpalasz OpenSuse i chcesz uzyc apt-get albo apt-install a tu skucha.

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The SQL Server on SUSE Linux will include all the standard SQL Server management features that come with. which is similar to yum for Redhat and apt-get for Ubuntu.

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We all know of Ubuntu-based distros to have apt-get for easy installation but what about SuSE.I have to say that I think that this piece of software lets OpenSUSE down.Some additional remarks about what I wrote recently (although this is nearly worth a new thread as it might help openSUSE newbies like myself to overcome some initial problems).

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By default, the Updater Applet reports only updates from the update-repo - this corresponds to zypper update --repo update-repo.

Your modesty betrays you Actually, I like so much about openSUSE.Perhaps that was due to the fact that at that time all my repos had a default prio of 99.

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Compared with Apt-get and Synaptic, YAST is lacking in useability.File: Download Xdg utils rpm suse RPM (RPM Package Manager) is used for managing software packages.Being able to apt-get install from the command line and not have to.This is the DIFFERENCES TO APT-GET section of the apt man page.

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All things considered I still lack a full understanding of all the intricacies of the openSUSE package management.

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While reading about package management I found to my surprise that APT is also available for openSUSE - see.

I am running CentOS on an old HP laptop (512MB RAM) on behalf of my wife.

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And if they have a similar command structure, what was the...For instance I would not have found your link to APT as I did not know it existed.

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