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We use this in nursing areas, on transports, etc. when iPads are shared across shifts.

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Tips to delete Configuration File on ipad or iPhone -, You can remove a configuration profile from an iPad or iPhone either by using iPhone c.From Google, it seems like you needed a 3rd party app to do that.The obvious re-install of a supervised device is blocked somehow.

Configuring Apple School Manager for Shared iPad or 1-to-1 iPad.MDM Supervision has to either come from DEP pointing to an MDM server, or a supervision profile from Apple Configurator.The most common practices are as follows: Create a master iPad.

Android has had multi user support since Jellybean, after only 1.5 years of true tablet use with Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich.An Email is received with a link that will guide through the enrollment process.The IT departement of my school has installed the MDM profile of their server on my iPad.The setup is like this: You have an iPad in supervised mode (either via Apple Configurator or the Device Enrollment Plan) that is also enrolled to your MDM.Our tailored focus on academics and the whole child means that every.Reeks of disperate financial engineering being preferred over developing a user friendly system.

Since configuration profiles can be installed from a web page, an app could embed and run an HTTP process to locally serve a webpage with a profile and payload.

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Though restrictions is powerful and needed, it does take time to set up and, once set up, there is no easy way to switch everything back to all access mode for your own personal use. iOS also offers guided access, an accessibility feature that lets you limit a device to a single app, control which features are available.Configuration profiles give enterprise IT centralized management of iOS mobile devices and features, including iPad setup.

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If youre in an enterprise environment, you may be able to set up accounts and other on iPad.You should talk to the seller and ask them to remove their control over the device.

Guided access is extremely useful if you will be setting up a kiosk or distributing devices to a controlled group, such as a museum tour, or students in a classroom.If you want to remove the profile created on your iPhone or iPad, you can do this easily by following the steps below.

If the link is clicked from your iPad, a profile is installed on your device.You may not be able to do certain function like log onto the internet without the profile.This Wednesday, Dave and I demoed managing iPad devices from an enterprise perspective.

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We are about to launch our first app for the iPad: The Passtouch Multi-User Web Browser.When 340 high school students figured out how to remove mobile device management software from their iPads.But iOS is not. iOS does give you restrictions, the ability to limit the type of content accessible from your device.She wanted it for Uni, but I will also be using it for showing of my photography.