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Can you think of any creative uses for Google Chromecast to add to the list.

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The Chromecast is targeted to the mass population at a cheap price.

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How to Use Your Roku Like a Chromecast. From Your Phone or Web.BitTorrent Surf is currently an extension for the Chrome web browser although Mozilla fans can relax since a. told TorrentFreak. “Everywhere you look in...If you wish to access the full Now Playing window, you can toggle from the mini-player at the far right.

Playback will end on the Chromecast and will continue locally in the Plex Web App.

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All you have to do is drag the video file onto a Google Chrome tab and it will play directly from your browser.

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Most have wifi, bluetooth built in along with having a micro sd card slot and they connect via a regular HDMI port to your tv that sell for around 80 to 100 dollars.As long as you can play it in your browser, you can view it on your television set.Or I can stream from my phone or tablet with feet up on the couch.

In addition, the ease of use allows my young son to be able to find something on Netflix using our tablet and play it on the TV with no issue.

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Doing any of this is much easier than setting up say the average stereo receiver.The way to get people to use their other products is to make them better than the alternatives.

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Again, like when using Chromecast to put on a presentation, you can cast your entire desktop, not just a tab.

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Would a Chromecast be of any benefit if I already own a. pictures, web browsing, etc.

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You can only cast from your computer for that:-( However, It sounds like the next 4.4.x release of Android might allow screen casting.

Google ChromeCast Chrome Web Browser Streaming and PC Laptop Setup and Use.If you wish to end the Chromecast session, access the Google Cast extension and select Stop Casting.You do not need the chrome cast, it is just an unneeded 35 dollar expense that restricts you to using the Chrome web browser.If you tend to play computer games online, why not bring the game to life on a computer screen.In my experience - if you give it a minute, it usually adjusts and plays properly.Comparison of 5 methods for streaming local media files to Chromecast. There are several methods for streaming local media files to.I am not saying do not buy the Chrome cast, just offering a different way of doing the same thing for less money that is a whole lot more flexible.With the Chromecast selected, you can use the interface as normal.One of the most obvious uses for the Google Chromecast outside of using it to watch videos on YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and more, is to use it for photo slideshows.

Pixel C is a powerfully fast,. with tabs and bookmarks that go where you go.Tip: Use Groove with Chromecast. But both devices also work with the Chrome web browser on Windows,.

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Than Web Pages: 4 Types of Files You Can View. on your computer you can display or play on the Chromecast.

When I am at home sometimes I connect my Samsung Galaxy S3 to my HDTV via hdmi and play some of my favorite Android games on the big screen.When you choose to play something, it will play on the Chromecast instead of in the browser window.Any idea if Google has this in plan and, if so, the time horizon.

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As you browse content in the browser, details about that content will be mirrored and displayed on Chromecast for everyone to see.

Using a mobile app to browse Netflix is. the bigger question is whether you can adjust your.Just navigate to your favorite website and send the embedded video with a single.From the Roku to Smart TVs, there are lots of ways to get online videos onto your TV screen.Q. I am intrigued with the Google Chromecast, particularly its price.Say you like to game well you can game on your nice big HDTV or say you are listening to music, if you want those colorful visualizations are now on your big HDTV.Perhaps the most useful feature of Chromecast is the fact that you can. browser and then cast the tab. you can see. to the internet thru the Chromecast.